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Exclusive: 'There Are No Saints' Trailer Reveals a Gritty Tale of Love and Vengeance


Apr 4, 2022

The movie premieres on May 27.

Paramount Pictures and Saban Films have exclusively shared with Collider the trailer and poster for There Are No Saints, a gritty, south of the border action-thriller that hails from the same mind that brought us Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. The story follows a former cartel enforcer who faces a difficult reality after being released from prison: his wife being executed and his son kidnapped. With nothing to lose, he’ll begin a dangerous journey in order to find his kid and avenge his wife’s murder.

The trailer for There Are No Saints reveals José María Yazpik as a ruthless protagonist who isn’t afraid of going John Wick on his enemies, and we can expect that same level of choreography on action sequences, gun-fu included. It also shows that Yazpik’s character has a close relationship with his son, who waited anxiously for his father to get back from prison – so taking the kid from him obviously isn’t the best idea.

In addition, the trailer reveals that going on a child’s rescue is only a fragment of the story: There Are No Saints has its protagonist shaking up a whole criminal organization once he decides to act out, to the point of needing to deploy heavy weaponry in order to try to stop him. Apparently this isn’t enough, though. What kind of information does he have to make him such an important target? We'll have to wait some weeks to find out.

Described as a cross between Sicario and 1977’s Rolling Thunder, There Are No Saints looks exactly like that, with action sequences that, judging by the trailer, pull from recent blockbusters like John Wick and The Equalizer. Just like in those movies, the protagonist veers a lot more into the anti-hero spectrum, which provides a plenty of room for vengeful stories and indicates that the protagonist has his share of guilt for whatever situation he finds himself in – something that is underscored by the movie’s title.

The Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of the movie, Paul Schrader, has also penned American Gigolo and The Last Temptation of the Christ. Recently, on top of writing, he received wide acclaim for directing movies like First Reformed and last year’s The Card Counter – which was featured in several best-of-2021 lists. There Are No Saints is directed by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, who recently helmed the Mexican comedy series Claramente.

There Are No Saints also stars Ron Perlman, Shannyn Sossamon, Paz Vega, Tim Roth, Keidrich Sellati, and Neal McDonough.

Paramount Pictures and Saban Films premiere There Are No Saints in theaters and VOD on May 27. You can check out the exclusive trailer and poster below:

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