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is an international sales company, which has rapidly acquired over 100 new titles since its formation in 2012.We pay minimum guarantees for completed films, and finance projects in development through various means, including tax rebates, minimum guarantees, gap financing, equity, and foreign pre-sales to our vast network of international buyers. The paperwork from these pre-sales is bankable, and can be used to fund production. We travel to all of the major festivals and markets to negotiate deals for your film, placing it with the top buyers from around the world. Whether it is a theatrical buyer, VOD aggregator, home video distributor or television network, we find a home for your film where it will not only be seen by the most people, but where we will get the biggest financial returns on your investment.

The Team

The People Behind PEG


General Counsel

Carter Family-44.jpg

SVP Sales & International Distribution


SVP of Development & Acquisitions


VP of Sales & Operations

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Manager of Distribution Services


Sales Consultant

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Sales Coordinator & Executive Assistant 


Manager of Development & Acquisitions 

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