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Exclusive: 'Blowback' Trailer Shows a Thief Betrayed By His Heist Crew and Hungry for Revenge


May 5, 2022

'Blowback' stars Randy Couture, Cam Gigandet, Michele Plaia, and Louis Mandylor.

Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down, Burlesque) is on the wrong end of a heist betrayal in the new Collider exclusive trailer for the action film Blowback. It has all the hallmarks of a good Summer popcorn film with a bank heist gone wrong, intense shootouts, and one man's quest for revenge against those that turned on him. There's also a new poster that harkens back to classic action films like Face/Off with stars Gigandet and Randy Couture (The Expendables) side-by-side ahead of their on-screen confrontation. The film hits theaters alongside a digital and on-demand release on June 17.

The trailer sees Nick (Gigandet) getting a crew together and prepping for a big-time bank robbery which will set everyone involved up for life. The main target is a highly sought-after briefcase that he wants all to himself, while the rest of the bank's cash will go to the crew. Once they pull off the heist though, the ruse is revealed and Nick is gunned down with the double-crossers securing the briefcase for Jack (Couture). Nick manages to survive though and gives up the chase for the briefcase, so he can take down everyone that set him up. He even goes back to the man he stole the case from and offers to take it back for him. From there, he goes on a hunt, investigating, torturing, and shooting his way closer to the case, and to the man that tried to have him killed.

Blowback will really ratchet up the tension for Nick's hunt to find the briefcase, which contains an untold fortune in cryptocurrency. While he investigates, both the police and the mob will be closing in, meaning his life depends on retrieving that case. It'll be a three-sided race for the fortune as we'll swap between Nick, Jack, and the police in what's sure to be a tense thriller.

Alongside Couture and Gigandet, Blowback stars Michele Plaia (Sleepy Hallow) and Louis Mandylor (Rambo: Last Blood, The Offer). Tibor Takács will direct the film as one of his two upcoming action films starring Gigandet. His other film, Black Warrant, will see Gigandet star alongside Tom Berenger in a covert spy thriller centered around saving the world from a cyber attack that could take down the entire power grid. Matthew Eason, Robert Giardina, and Robert Edward Thomas wrote the screenplay for Blowback.

Blowback releases in theaters and on-demand on June 17. Check out the exclusive trailer and poster below to see a preview of this high-octane Summer action flick.

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