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The Silent Mountain

1h 34min | 2014 | War, Romance, Action | Director Ernst Gossner

A young Austrian soldier in World War I fights his way through the Alps to rescue his Italian girlfriend and escape the impending explosion that will rock the mountain.
At his sister’s wedding, Andreas is mesmerized by Francesca, a 17 year-old Italian girl. But the very next day, he is sent to the front lines in the mountains. Italy has declared war on Austria. World War I turns the Alps into one of the most bizarre battlefields in the history of mankind, tearing apart families, turning neighbors into enemies, and tormenting the sanity of soldiers. The courageous young lovers, determined to withstand the greatest conflict their world has ever seen, must defeat enemy soldiers and survive the mountain itself, which has been rigged with explosives. It is a race against the clock, with bullets ricocheting around their heads, and cliffs cracking at their feet.

Cast: William Mosely, Claudia Cardinale, Fritz Karl, Eugenia Constantini
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