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Cam Gigandet and Tom Berenger Fight Cyberterrorism in 'Black Warrant' Trailer [Exclusive]

Erick Massoto

Nov 3, 2022

Black Warrant Puts Cam Gigandet and Tom Berenger into Different Scopes of the Same Side of the Law

Saban Films shared today with Collider an exclusive trailer for their upcoming action-thriller movie Black Warrant. The story tackles extremely relevant themes from modern society and follows two officers with different approaches to law enforcement. Their missions intersect while investigating a cyberterrorist organization. Saban also shared with Collider when and how the movie is set to premiere: It will have a simultaneous release in select theaters, on Digital, and on Demand in a little over a month from now, on December 9.

Black Warrant stars Cam Gigandet (Twilight) and Tom Berenger (Inception) in the two leading roles. While Berenger plays a semi-retired special ops assassin, Gigandet is a DEA agent. The trailer reveals that the thriller movie will see an intricate plan to search for and bring cyberterrorists to justice unfold. It also hints at the chance that the threat will escalate to the point in which Anthony (Gigandet) and Nick (Berenger) will have to make shady deals with the devil in order to stop a massive threat.

In addition, the trailer reveals that the duo’s experience working together won’t be exactly smooth sailing, since you can’t always go by the book like Anthony thinks, and Nick is a lot closer to being a vigilante who cares more about the endgame. And it’s pretty safe to say that we can look forward to staple elements of the genre such as double crossings, surprising twists, and a whole lot of shooting guns.

Black Warrant is directed by Tibor Takács, who previously helmed 1997’s Deathline, 2009’s Lies and Illusions, and most recently Blowback. The screenplay is penned by Joshua A. Cohen (Red Herring), D. Glase Lomond (The Asian Connection), and Michael Paré – who makes his screenwriting debut after working as an actor in high profile movies like The Lincoln Lawyer, Gone, and The Virgin Suicides.

Aside from Gigandet and Berenger, the cast of Black Warrant also features Jeff Fahey (Lost), Jonathan Avigdori (Emily the Criminal), Sara Seyed (Young Wallander), Hani Al Naimi (The Hurt Locker), Rafael Cabrera (Animal Kingdom), and Helena Haro (The Game of Keys)

Black Warrant premieres in select theaters, on Digital and On Demand on December 9. You can watch the trailer and check out the poster below:

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