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Faith And Action Mix In The Natasha Henstridge Drama ‘Night Of The Sicario’

Angela Dawson

Apr 14, 2021

Natasha Henstridge is counting the minutes until freedom. The Canadian-born actress who now lives in the U.S., has been in quarantine for the mandatory 14 days before she can return to work on the set of the third season of Diggstown, a popular legal drama.

The statuesque former model, who made her film debut a little over a quarter-century ago in the hit sci-fi film franchise Species, is thrilled to get back into production on the Entertainment One series, which has aired in the U.S. on BET+, but is moving to Fox, where it will broadcast the first two seasons, as well as air the new one. Henstridge, who also starred alongside Bruce Willis in the hit heist comedy, The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel in the early 2000s, co-stars on the series opposite Vinessa Antoine (General Hospital), who plays a corporate attorney who decides to set up a legal-aid practice after a close relative dies. The series is created by Floyd Kane, whose produced other Canadian TV shows including the 2009 music drama, Soul.

Originally from Newfoundland, Henstridge began modeling at age 14 and subsequently appeared in TV commercials. At just 21, she was hand-picked to star in the lead role in the sci-fi actioner, Species, in which she played a genetically engineered alien-human hybrid who breaks out of the laboratory and is chased by scientists fearing what may happen if she reproduces. As Sil, she kills her sex partners after having her way with them. The film was a hit in 1995 and spawned a sequel in which she played an alternate version of the deadly creature, with a cameo in the third installment.

In her new film, Night Of The Sicario, Henstridge plays a completely empathetic human drawn into a horrific situation. As Taylor, she runs a financially struggling assisted-living facility on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. She’s barely holding it together as she and a nurse care for a handful of residents who are notable for having lived lives where they helped others in some way. With a hurricane bearing down on her old family mansion, Taylor comforts and tries to keep her elderly charges upbeat, while trying to figure out how to keep the business afloat. Making an already tough situation even more challenging, a DEA agent arrives with a wounded man and the man’s adolescent daughter. Turns out the man was supposed to testify against the leader of a Colombian drug cartel and was ambushed by unknown assailants as agents were transporting him to a safe house.

The DEA agent leaves before Taylor has a completely grasp of what’s going on. But soon discovers that the injured man—and well as his daughter—are still being pursued by assassins. With the power out and no phone service, Taylor and her surprisingly resourceful elderly residents do what they can to protect the girl and themselves from the relentless killers.

Although an R-rated action movie loaded with violent fight scenes, Night Of The Sicario also has a strong faith-based element, as Taylor and her God-fearing residents look to the Almighty for guidance in their dire situation.

Henstridge spoke about playing the Everywoman heroine in the film, directed by Joth Riggs, a veteran second-unit director making his feature directorial debut. The film also stars Manny Perez (El Cantante), Costas Mandylor (Saw franchise) and Addison Kendall.

Saban Films will release Night Of The Sicario in theaters April 16, and On Demand and Digital April 20.

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